i'm hez, i'm disgusting and i like music and cool girls mainly

not online much rn bc i'm on holiday!!!!

dancing in the dark

*punches gary jarman in the face*

we went to the tourist-y part of seoul today and i had to pretend not to know ellie while she bought gangnam style socks for her sister bye

minsoo doesnt like the cribs im packing my bags as we speak

im sorry i embarrassed u but also im not

u should be sorry tbh

okay this is a ~korea so far~ post bc rosalie told me i had to do this

  • it is !!!!SO NICE!!!! here okay i just thought i’d say that first
  • today we went shopping mainly which was nice and everything is really cheap
  • all the roads are so wide???? and the buildings are so tall???? wow
  • i had to go buy k pop stuff for ashish and tin and me and minsoo were so embarrassed smh
  • the air conditioning everywhere here is amazing you can walk into any given building and it feels like you;ve found jesus
  • also we went to see frances ha yesterday which was really really great if not especially korean
  • on the way back today we were in the car playing some of ~our~ songs (most importantly, round the moon by summer camp) and singing along loudly and i got really emotional :’)
  • we’re gonna go do karaoke tomorrow omg

in conclusion: good


do you ever just use an emoticon or phrase ONCE and then all of a sudden it makes up 99% of your daily vocabulary

we’ve just been sleeping today and not really experiencing korea but i’m so excited for everything wow

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